IYou mom can go a few routes but I'm not sure that overlooking a medication such as Azilect (an MAO-B inhibitor which prevents the breakdown of dopamine in the brain), which was designed to slow progression of PD when taken at the onset, is a good idea.

Your mom needs to take a look at her diet, supplements, an exercise program specific to PD needs, Yoga and possibly Ayurvedic "medicine"

Antioxidants are available in food sources and also in CoQ10 which I feel is a must and Vitamin E complex (which has the % of each tocopherol listed). And I'm sure a good vitamin C complex with the bioflavonoids is in her regimen now but if it isn't…Ginkgo biloba is another option.

B complex (especially since she is not beginning with levadopa/carbidopa – Sinemet). is in order but timing is important IF she is going to be adding mucuna pruriens or fava beans to her diet because B6 and l-dopa – a dopamine provider – can be problematic. Since B6 is important – timing may be everything


A good multi-mineral might also be in order but she has to be careful of the heavy metals just to be on the safe side. Selenium will be a constituent as it is an antioxidant which can aid in producing glutathione. You will find a number of nutritional supplements that can be tried but what she takes must also be studied for interactions and contraindications.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a good addition especially when coupled with Acetyl L-Carnitine (Nutaceutical Sciences Institute makes a good one)

Food sources – limit the fat and red meat. Consider that green and black teas have benefit. Don't forget the fiber (which also makes levodopa bioavailable if she is eating those foods which supply it). Caffeine also has benefits for the PwP so she shouldn't feel that she has to give it up. Using turmeric or a really good curcumin (curcuminoids) is a dietary must.

She might want to learn the best ways to make levodopa-rich foods such as fava (velvet) beans. She needs to know the best ways to prepare and the servings that work best for her.


Another addition might be using hemp seed oil or hemp seed butter which will do a good job in providing EPA/DHA levels.


Hemp oil is natures most balanced oil for human nutrition (3:1 LA to LNA ratio) and is easily digestible; in fact this oil could provide all of our Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) requirements for life, due to the balanced 80% EFA content of the oil.
Although we haven't tried it yet, we plan to. From what I have read, this is supposed to be the best tasting:


Some PwPs find benefit in a gluten-free diet but that can get expensive if there aren't symptoms to support the need for that diet.

Yoga is wonderful for stretching and relaxing both of which are very important for her PD journey. But she should not overlook the proven benefit of forced exercise which may cause a temporary suspension of symptoms at an early stage as the brain seems to find some balance produced by the exercise.

This is a link to a variety of exercise types and specific exercises for PD including voice/breathing exercises, gym exercising and home exercises. Please check the 5/10/09 article, "Forced Exercise to Relieve Parkinson's Disease Symptoms" – I'm pedaling as fast as I can – about the way your mother can do this on some specific motorized exercise bikes:

Your mother needs sun exposure to make Vitamin D3 and may need SAD lights in the winter as PwPs often suffer from depression.

Another thing that is important is the support of her family of this journey. Everyone needs to learn as much as possible. http://parkinsonsfocustoday.blogspot.com…

And part of that support team is the medical staff who will LISTEN to your mother, be willing to discuss issues and work with your mother so that they can treat her and not just a disease.

Make sure she is prepared to print out information, make lists, write down all questions in a PD Journal or notebook that she can take to her doctor, her neurologist for discussion.


Here's a link to Ayurvedic options. Make no mistake, even supplements and alternative medicines are still medicine – they just don't require prescriptions.


My best wishes for your mother. I'm glad you realize that you can not simply do nothing and that what you do has to be positive.

I'm very serious about PD and I know this is a long, talky answer but I'm also concerned that without a starting med to stay the loss of dopamine, your mother may not be doing the best she can do for her future.

Addendum: the other medication to consider is DynaCircCR or if available an extended release Isradipine, the generic. These are calcium channel blockers and may actually help to slow the progression of PD. If they are not contraindicated by pre-existing low blood pressure, they are worth considering. As a generic, Isradipine is quite inexpensive – if that is the concern. If the concern is the fear of the eventually wearing off of levadopa-carbidopa and a sudden progression, CA antagonists are worth consideration. Lately Started Searching FOr Maybe anynti-aging Products and solutions and Discovered An Outstanding Juvenon review. The Evaluation Informed me Really A Small of informatiOver about this greIn anti-aging product. Juvenon Can Be Perceived as a Organic Cellular heath supplement Built to Support Tissue Generate younger-looking skin. Aging As Properly as other Elements Trigger oxidation Inside the cells, and oxidation Leads to the Tissue To somege Extra quickly.

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