If you ever’re Searching On the bewildering array of “anti aging supplements” out With The marketplace today, The Vast majority of That there peddled with Incredibly wild claims, you’re Possibly Sensation frustrated as I am. Aging Is Regarded Being a fact. Humans not wanting To somege Is Regarded Being a fact, too. As Properly as alpha lipoic acid stands out as some Type of the “miracle cure.”

The Results of A number of Scientific Scientific tests Recommend That thelpha lipoic acid benefits Your Entire System inAn Very real, Effective sense. Also it is Special As Properly as Much better than other Extra Well-liked “anti aging vitamins.” For example, vitamins C and E are just two Belonging to One of the most Employed vitamins that Individuals Consider to combOn the Results Of theging, For Instance declining immune resistance, diminishing Psychological alertness and cognitive functions, As Properly as also the Extended onset of Long-term fatigue. However, Nutritional C is Drinking Drinking water soluble, which Suggests it only Functions in water. About Another hand, Nutritional E is fat-soluble, which Suggests it only Functions in fat.

The Special Energy Of thelpha lipoic acid is this: it is Equally water- and fat-soluble, which Suggests it Functions In which Possibly Belonging to the two previously Pointed out vitamins could not. Such Could be The Principal Cause why, Besides its Currently Effective mechanism Of thection, thIs Regarded Being acid reaches Normally inaccessible Spots With Your Entire System To Total its healing.

A Type of fatty acid, this substance attacks Costless radicals, Specially Those Persons that Harm the cell’s Energy house, the mitochondria. Damaged mitochondria Could be the cuase of chronice weakness Inside of aging people, As Properly as also plays a Part in leaving Older Individuals with weak resistance to diseases. When Used Being a supplement, alpha lipoic acid Requires these Costless radicals on its horns and subdues them What’s Much Extra Incredible Could be the Reality Which it Not just Functions on its own, However it Has Extended been Revealed in Scientific Scientific tests to “extend” the Existence of other Anti-oxidants For Instance vitamins C and E, Therefore Growing its potency manifold.

Also, alpha lipoic acid can cross the blood-brain barrier, so it Has Extended been Revealed To safeguard neurons (brain cells) from Costless radical damage. In some studies, it Has Extended been Revealed to delay the progression Of thelzheimer’s and Boost the cognitive Working Belonging to the elderly.

While I am not a doctor and cannot give medical advice, I am the wife of a PD patient who wishes her husband's Parkinson's had started a few years later when Azilect was first available. Although he has been taking it since it appeared in the US market, I would have preferred that it had been his "2nd" PD med and not his 5th.

He began taking larger doses of CoQ10 as soon as he suspected he had PD but before he had an actual appointment let alone diagnosis. His doctors thought that was a good idea and told him to continue. He began with Amatadine, switched to Mirapex and Selegeline to have better symptom control at work. After experiencing ongoing hallucinations 24/7 as well as detrimental obsessive compulsive behavior, Azilect was an option and he switched to that. He later added DynaCirc CR (isradipine) a calcium channel blocker in sort of off-label use (He's a cardiac patient as well so it wasn't a problem with the script.) His worst problem throughout the 6 years after his diagnosis was growing arthritis pain caused by the super hard floors at work. It was the pain which influenced his poor exercise regimen for a few years until he realized the he needed to be exercising every day to maintain range of motion and some semblance of strength. Unfortunately there is no proper equipment for Forced Exercise at the therapy center he attends because I think that would have worked wonders in slowing his progression. Massage therapy is extremely also important to reduce stiffness and assist RoM. Although he was going to speak to the neurologist about another medication, he decided to ask for Sinemet last month. I'm not sure that I agree with him but his doctor did not object. (Actually my choice was dopabean and I was just about to order it)

Although you are looking for nutritional supplements rather than pharmaceuticals, there isn't that much difference. Mucuna puriens or fava beans, velvet beans are really levodopa. It is just that they have a 5,000 year ayruvedic medical history of usage for Parkinson's disease (kampavata). One problem is dosage. Just as with levodopa, you will need to begin slowly and titrate up to an effective "dose" and that can be much more difficult with a food product especially one which you might need to eat 2-4 times a day. You can also buy a reputable product such as Dopabean which is a fava bean (levodopa) blend in a capsule form, as a nutritional supplement. Be aware that if your father is taking B6 as well he will need to find a dose in balance with the levodopa as B6 can decrease its effectiveness.

Fava beans do indeed have a medicinal benefit in the treatment of PD and thus far it does not appear that they have the same "wearing off" effect. If they do, there are also natural supplements which can be added. I will supply several links at the end of my answer so you will see buying links, recipe links, reviews of dopabean (as well as exercise therapy)

If your father doesn't want to begin with Azilect (rasagiline) He should certainly consider nutritional supplements such as CoQ10 (1200mgs minimum throughout the day) and Vitamin B complex, Omega 3, NAC (N-acetyl-L-Cysteine) and Alpha Lipoic acid for starters.

If he wants his body to help hold the line he should try Forced Exercise a few times a week. If he can find an exercise center with the proper motorized equipment to get him up to 90 mph for about 40 minutes a session, consider buying the from one of the two companies which makes such equipment. It's not cheap but it has the potential to reduce reliance on medication and slow the progression. It could pay for itself within 3-4 years depending. And it might greatly improve his quality of life. This does not mean that he should neglect voice/breathing exercise or range of motion exercise but of all, this will give the most immediate apparent feedback.

About progression, Parkinson's is a chronic, progressive neurodegenerative disease. If the progression is slowed, you have no real way of knowing that because you have no idea where you would be if you hadn't used a particular therapy. But when you know there have beendemonstrablee consistent results, it is worth a try.

I also suggest Yoga exercises for relaxation and breathing techniques. Pramayama is the place to begin. There are links at the last site on the list below.

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Alternative medicine – click the link at the top after reading to find to find the entire PD alternative and complementary medicine article – you'll find a page with a condition/disease pull-down menu – select Parkinson's disease


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Best wishes to you and your father.
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So If you ever’re Seeking a Effective anti aging supplement, explore the possibilities Using alpha lipoic acid. Consider a Appearance at The internetsite Alpha Lipoic Acid for extensive informatiOn thebout this wonder substance.

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