Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA; thioctic acid; lipoic acid) Is Normally a coenzyme Which is Normally An Very potent antioxidant. A System Subjected to Absolutely Absolutely Free of cost of charge radicals Gets A Superb deal Extra susceptible to Illnesses For Example Diabetic issues and liver damage. ALA, Occasionally Referred to as the “universal” Anti-oxidants holds the Ability to neutralize the Results of Absolutely Absolutely Free of cost of charge radicals in Equally fatty and water-based environments.

Although ALA Is Normally a Normally occuring anti-oxidant In your body, it Is Normally also gleaned and Created from plant Meals Prefer tomatoes, spinach and brocolli, In theddition to beef, yeast, and kidneys. As May be The Reality with Numerous nutirents Readily Readily available For The marketplace, ALA is Not Simply a Well being supplement; it Is Normally also a Plastic supplement. Always Seek advice from your Health practitioner beforte Acquiring out Just how A Superb deal you Ought to be taking.

i have been on OPTI MEN for months and it gives me the extra nutrition that i do not get from what i eat and it helps me focus and helps me recover
i also take creatine, protein shakes, l-glutamine, garlic, flax seed, and a joint supplement
its just a whole food vitamin for active people
for a vitamin to be toxic you would have to consume
but if you are worried about vitamins and mineral read this…

Nutritional Facts
Each Serving Size (caps) 2 provides:
Ingredients Dosage % Daily Value
Vitamin A (IU) 5000 100
Vit C (mg) 250
Vit D (IU) 600
Vit E (IU)q 100
Vit K (mcg) 80
Thiamin (mg) 20 1333.33
Riboflavin (mg) 20 1176.47
Niacin (mg) 20 100
Vit B6 (mg) 20
Folic Acid (mcg) 600
Vit B12 (mcg) 100
Biotin (mcg) 250 83.33
Panthotheitc Acid mg 20
Calcium (mg) 150 15
Iron (mg) 18 100
Iodine (mcg) 200 133.33
Magnesium (mg) 75 18.75
Zinc (mg) 15 100
Other Ingredients:
Selenium 70 mcg, Copper 2 mg, Manganese 5 mg, Chromium 120 mcg, Molybdenum 70 mcg, Ostivone™ (as isopropoxy isoflavone) 10 mg † Soy Isoflavones (as NovaSoy™) 2 mg, Lycopene 250 mcg, Alpha-Carotene 93.5 mcg, Zeaxanthin 18.7 mcg, Cryptoxanthin 22.8 mcg, Lutein 250 mcg, Chasteberry 50 mg, Grape Seed Extract 10 mg,Dong Quai 80 mg, Horse Chestnut Extract 25 mg,Butchers Broom 15 mg, Garcinia Extract 50 mg, Uva Ursi, Alpha Lipoic Acid 20 mg, Deodorized Garlic…

Opti-Women Multi-Vitamin provides the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, extracts and herbs to supplement a women's diet and workout. You will get the most out of life with greater health, better gains, quicker thinking, and more energy by providing your body with all that it needs to operate at optimum levels! Don't hesitate to get the Women's Multi-Vitamin and Mineral supplement that's bettering the lives of thousands everyday!

Great Health, Great Shape, Great Buys! Always. Bodybuilding

The preventiOn thend Heal With aLA, by virtue of neutralizing Absolutely Absolutely Free of cost of charge radicals, is Really worth the Credit rating it has gained In your therapeutic market. An Enhancement In your Complexion May Be Viewed as Accomplished Through Using theLA Superb dealion. ALA fights the Absolutely Absolutely Free of cost of charge radicals Existing In your body, And also And thus prevents the aging process. The Rub of Efficient ALA Superb dealion For Your System is beneficial. The Noticed Usefulness is A Superb deal Extra if Utilized to Extremely wet skin, say Soon after Getting a bath.

Some short-term Medical Experiments have proposed its Extra Benefit of Higher absorption In your Skin color thend A Superb deal Extra potent Anti-oxidant effect, as In comparison to vitamins C and E. For topical application, Reviva Alpha Lipoic Acid Lotion Is Normally Readily Readily available Being an anti-aging product. Its other Possible Elements Consist of Nutritional C, Nutritional E, and DMAE bitartrate.

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